“Anthony has only been working with Coach JJ for about 6 months, but I have seen some significant changes during this time. Coach JJ has helped Anthony enhance his baseball skills, and taught him new hitting, pitching and fielding techniques that have worked much better for him. Anthony’s batting average and on-base percentage have significantly increased. Coach JJ was able to connect with Anthony on a personal level and encourage Anthony to turn his negative thinking to positive. These changes have increased Anthony’s overall confidence. It has been great working with Syracuse Baseball Prep”

Lisa Lioto, mother of Anthony Lioto, SBP Graduate Student and SUCCESS STORY!

“When my son Bryce first started with Coach JJ and SBP he had the basic skills of baseball. SBP took those skills and fine tuned them. He is now a 4 position player and bats in the clean up spot. JJ taught Bryce about hard work and being a good teammate and I think that is just as important as basic fundamentals. With so many programs for parents to consider SBP exceeds all expectations from a value for your dollar perspective as well as results on the field. Thanks SBP staff and Coach JJ for the unbelievable service.”

Brian Zicaro, father of Bryce Zicaro, SBP Graduate and SUCCESS STORY!

“Jack is now entering his junior year in high school and as a sophomore played JV and this past summer played on a summer travel baseball team. In these formats the emphasis is on games so that there is relatively little opportunity for individual improvement and development. I had arranged for Jack to receive individual instruction at other indoor facilities in the Syracuse area. While these were OK they were not particularly helpful for Jack to elevate his game. During a summer team practice session I came in contact with JJ and was impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm and was able to arrange individual instruction for Jack. My son Jack has had 10 sessions with JJ and it was very helpful to him.  The instruction provided by JJ is at a completely different level. JJ is   energetic, enthusiastic, competent and totally committed to having the player improve.  JJ performs a video analysis of the throwing and batting mechanics so that the player can see for him or herself issues in execution that need to be worked on so that the relationship with JJ is a cooperative one.  JJ does not simply work on mechanics but he also instills by his example a strong work ethic. He also devises training and conditioning regimens so that the player has a sensible and focused schedule of workouts that not only enhances baseball skills development but also fosters self-discipline and fitness. Central New York is very fortunate to have a person of JJ’s knowledge, competence and dedication to help players improve up to the highest level. JJ is simply the best.”

Bob Carey, father of CBA pitcher, IF, Jack Carey SBP GRAD!

“Coach JJ is exactly what a parent hopes for, in choosing an instructor for baseball for your children. He is a coach, mentor and role model. There is no one better suited to teach young baseball players than Coach JJ. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our son’s tremendous improvement and confidence he is showing during his games. We have heard so many comments from his coach and others on what smart a player our son is. As parents, this is priceless. We attribute this to the passion you bring to the drills and great techniques in each and every lesson. Coach JJ, thank you again for your knowledge (both baseball and life lessons), enthusiasm, inspiration and genuine care you give to our son. You truly have made a positive impact on him, as well as us. We look forward to many more sessions to come.”

John and Barb Bitetti, parents of John John Bitetti, SBP Graduate Student, SUCCESS STORY!

“We found Coach JJ after my youngest son did a clinic with him through another facility. Right from the start I loved his energy and enthusiasm with the kids. I saw he was really teaching them the mechanics of hitting, pitching, throwing and all aspects of baseball. I soon set my older son up to work with him and after a couple of lessons both my boys showed not only more success in their games, but more confidence in their abilities. Coach JJ really knows how to talk and teach the kids what they need to know and they are all having fun doing it!”

Michelle O'Connor, mother of Justin and Ryan O'Connor, SUPERSTAR BROTHERS, SBP GRADS! SUCCESS STORY!

“After only a couple lessons with Coach JJ, my 11 year old son was playing with determination and confidence that I had not seen before. During the Spring season, my son and a couple friends took weekly, semi-private lessons with Coach JJ. Coach JJ understood each player’s game and effectively identified areas of improvement. Lessons were well-run and key tips were reiterated, sometimes ending the lesson with a “quiz”. Most impressive was Coach JJ’s enthusiasm which kept the players interested, motivated and amused! It has been a great experience and my son is looking forward to Coach JJ’s Summer Camp!”

Gina Henderson, mother of Ian Henderson, 1st year Majors player, SBP GRAD! SUCCESS STORY!

“JJ has made a huge difference in my son’s hitting and pitching game. JJ’s approach to teaching the skills of the game is second only to his ability to teach the mental and emotional aspects of the game. The improvement in my son’s game after only 9 lessons is amazing. We look forward to being a year round client of Syracuse Baseball Prep. If you are looking to help your child improve in baseball, JJ is the guy to call.”

Rich Marsh, Father of Adam Marsh (SBP GRAD) ALL STAR! SUCCESS STORY!

“Scott says Coach JJ is a really good coach and makes learning fun. He feels he is much better at the mechanics of pitching and batting and even has gotten some great tips of how to play the game of baseball better. He likes learning the mechanics and is remembering them on the mound, behind the plate, and on the field. There is nothing about the lessons he doesn’t like. We absolutely recommend Coach JJ Potrikus to be an encouraging, positive teacher for all aspects of the game of baseball!”

Rebecca McPhereson, Mother of Scott McPhereson (SBP GRAD) SUCCESS STORY!

“Coach JJ is EMPOWERING! Now is the time –when players are young –to have this awesome opportunity for 1-on-1 coaching. In the short time Coach JJ has coached our son (4 weeks), we’ve seen much improvement in our son’s approach to learning and training. It’s an awesome opportunity for Troy to really get his head in the game What an advantage it is also for developing a more focused, mature attitude that will be recognized by his future coaches and teammates. Coach JJ’s approach to teaching is very personalized — he knows how to connect — and kids can pick up on that qualtiy above all else. My son is looking forward to the next five years of continued training with him and is impressed that he’s being taught by a PRO!”

D&D Vallese, Parents of Troy Vallese ( Cortland Purple Tiger! SBP GRAD) SUCCESS STORY!

“JJ is simply the best. He not only teaches the game of baseball on a high level but teaches life skills as well. Jim decided that he wanted to start playing baseball last fall……..at the age of 12! Of course he needed to learn the game from square one. That’s where JJ took over. He gave him the guidance and confidence to try out for his schools modified team after just 6 weeks of training. Although the politics and the numbers of scholastic sports denied him the chance to play this season, he can’t wait to continue his training, excell at the Little League level this year and come back next year to start for the modified team! We have seen his skills improve immensely in just a short period of time. Jim has not only gained a teacher but has made a friend. Give JJ a chance with your ballplayer… you won’t be disappointed!

Jeff and Diane DePaul, Parents of Jim DePaul (Amazingly hard worker, SBP GRAD) SUCCESS STORY!

“My son had been out of playing baseball for several years and had decided he wanted to try out for his 7th/8th grade modified team. He and I both felt he could use a refresher to help his chances of making the team so I looked and around and decided to go with Syracuse Baseball Prep. JJ responded to my email very quickly and told me everything my son would need to know and what to bring to his first session. JJ was super energetic and very patient with him. He clearly enjoys teaching kids and teens and has a love for baseball! My son enjoyed every session and learned a ton from them! I also found the sessions affordable and very flexible with the available times. I would recommend Syracuse Baseball Prep for any child at any level of expertise!”

Sara Hilleboe, Mother of Josh Hernandez (recent SBP GRAD!) SUCCESS STORY!

“I was extremely pleased with JJ’s energy & positive reinforcement. He explained everything in a manner that my 13 year old could understand. My son loved working with him and cannot wait until his next lesson. After just 4 lessons with JJ, my son was beaming with confidence. I would highly recommend JJ to anyone!!”

-Chris Williams, Father of Jarrod Williams (B'ville Modified Player) SUCCESS STORY!

“I was very impressed with JJ’s energy and enthusiasm in working with my son. It was a great way to get reacclimated to baseball during the winter, and he did a superb job of taking his knowledge of the game and bringing it to a level that could be understood by a 10-year old. JJ is exceptionally professional and responsive. I’d recommend JJ to anyone without hesitation.”

-Jeff Way, Father of Jacob Way - SBP Graduate, SUCCESS STORY!

“I want to let everyone out there know that with hard work and determination anything can be accomplished. Coach JJ at Syracuse Baseball Prep made it all possible. He teaches everything from the mechanics of baseball to self-confidence. His training will help you be both physically and mentally prepared for any sport, not just baseball. I can’t thank JJ enough for helping me tune up my skills so I could make both the school team and a team of CNY Thunder’s caliber!!!”

Kade Spencer - Recent SBP Success Story!

“Thanks Syracuse Baseball Prep. My son says “Coach JJ Potrikus is the best!” He brought a high level of energy and enthusiasm to every lesson that made the work easy. My son developed sound pitching mechanics and learned to be mentally strong on the mound. We will definately recommend Syracuse Baseball Prep and Coach JJ Potrikus to everyone we know!”

Joan Flint, Mother of Mikey Flint - SBP Graduate

“In just 5 weeks with Syracuse Baseball Prep, I saw amazing results not only in pitching, but the strength and condition my body was in. SBP will get you the results you are looking for both in the mental and physical game of baseball.”

Ronn Bidwell (OCC Catcher, Morganton Aggies Pitcher) SBP Graduate Student